Call for proposals

The editors of Alternate Takes are currently seeking proposals from prospective authors for forthcoming books in the series.

Alternate Takes will not be prescriptive in terms of topic or approach although titles will go through the usual processes of peer review. The series is designed to encourage all forms of analysis of all sorts of popular music, past present and future. The aim is to publish texts that are:

– original

– have a strong individual voice

– engage the reader in interesting ideas and arguments

– are written with verve and authority.

The ideal book in the series will get its readers to listen to music in new ways, to think about it differently and to understand more about music’s role in our history, identity and everyday lives.  While we do not want to proscribe the ways in which authors should meet these ends—the aim is to publish books that are individually distinctive—we will expect each title to be clearly focused in terms of both topic and argument.

The series will not include general texts, overviews, broad histories, etc. The overall theme of the series is, as it is titled, ‘Alternate Takes.’  We expect books in the series to challenge accepted ways of thinking about popular music history, the popular music canon, popular music analysis, genre distinctions, and so forth. What we are looking for are entertaining, surprising and well-informed polemics.

We would expect books in the series normally to be in the region of 80,000 words.

To request a book proposal form or for other queries about the series, please contact the editors via the contact form below: